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Making a Broken Pot Garden - Fairy Gardens Perth

Broken pot garden fairy garden supplies australia fairy gardens perth

This year has been so busy for me, and Christmas especially - so once all the parties were over, and before the New Year begins, I decided to set some time aside to potter in the garden and have a go at making a new garden for my fairies. I have been seeing  gorgeous Broken Pot Gardens on Pinterest and they look so easy, but it has taken me months to find a) a broken pot or even b) a pot that I feel ok about breaking! Thankfully I met a lovely lady named Lisa and along with some gorgeous succulent plants she gave me some terracotta pots that I thought would suit a broken pot garden nicely. So today I got out a hammer and took to one of them! Of course I was a bit over-enthusiastic and broke off more than I was meant to... but I think I made it work! I packed in lots of succulent mix and then arranged some of the larger broken pieces to look nice (and hold the soil in place). I broke a few of the shards into little 'squares' for steps and then popped the plants in. Now, *disclaimer* the last few days have been 40+ degrees here in Perth and my succulent plants really suffered, so they are not looking the best. I really hope that I can add an updated photo in a month or two with the plants looking glorious and filling in the spaces nicely (fingers crossed!!).

Notes - 

1. It was pretty simple and in about 40 minutes it was done! (No children helping which always adds a good half an hour to whatever we do!)

2. I highly recommend hammer therapy, its a great feeling to smash things! (for broken pot gardens only!!)

3. I cant wait to make some more - but need more pots, more plants, more potting mix, more space! Beware, it can be addictive!! 

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  • PAT LIM on

    where can I get some broken pots from I am desperate to get the Fairy Garden established?

  • sarah on

    Looks great! Think I might have to get my hammer out ;)

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