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Mason Jar Fairy Garden (Terrarium)

I love the idea of terrariums, and with a few 'magical' additions we can now have a sweet little fairy garden indoors! With its own water cycle/climate it is pretty low maintenance too!


Here's what I needed to make these cute Mason Jar Terrariums;

* Mason Jar ($2 from Kmart)

* Coloured Pebbles (smaller is better)

* Activated Charcoal (From pet store / Bunnings to help purify the water)

* Sphagnum Moss (although I used coconut fibre as that's what I had at home!)

* Potting Mix

* Plant/s (we used the so cute Freckle Face Plant $2.50 Bunnings, plus in the Gnome Garden we used a bit of Moss and a small amount of Baby's Tears Plant from the garden)

* Fairy Garden Accessories (we used Micro Mini Fairies / Micro Mini Gnomes)

Make sure the jar is nice and clean and then layer the items into the jar following the list order. 

Do not make each layer too thick, as you will end up with no room for your plants and accessories ;-)

Miss C chose to have one Freckle Face plant (hot pink freckles, of course!) and two gorgeous Micro Mini Fairies to decorate her mason jar. Mister B wanted the oh so cute Micro Mini Gnomes  to create a Gnome garden, and he chose a Freckle Face Plant (with white freckles) and some sneaky moss and Baby's tears we had in the garden. If you are wanting more enchanting accessories, Miniature Mushrooms would also be a lovely choice to add to your Mason Jar fairy garden.

Normally the gorgeous fairy accessories sit beautifully in the garden. My lovely kids, however, insisted on carrying their mason jars everywhere, wobbling and jiggling the jars around, and as a result the miniatures kept falling. To fix this I glued a flat top screw to the base of each miniature (I used Gorilla Grip Super Glue) and once dried, the screw acted as a spike to hold the miniature in position in the soil!

An enclosed terrarium creates its own mini water cycle, so you should not need to water it too much! I used a spray bottle to water the terrarium, once finished, and kept the lid off overnight to allow excess moisture to evaporate. If you put the lid on and find condensation forming on the glass, remove the lid for awhile or overnight, and then replace in the morning. As they make their own water, a gentle spray of water perhaps monthly (?) will keep them going, although spray a bit more if the soil looks dry! 
If  you wish to use succulents and cactus, keep the terrarium open. Succulents do not like humidity so will not do well in an enclosed terrarium. 

We have placed the Mason Jar Fairy and Gnome Gardens in the kids bedrooms (with indirect sunlight) and they are growing beautifully!



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