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Pixie Pebbles for a Perth Fairy Garden

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I came across a fantastic tutorial and it has been on my to do list for a while!
Pixie Pebbles from Pirates and Pixies:

Today it was DIY fairy garden accessories time, and it was so much fun! All I needed was a hot glue gun and some pixie dust (fine glitter) and we made these fantastic glittery pebbles!

perth fairy garden supplies

I used patty cake cases as the containers for the different glitter colours. I did all the tricky bits (hot glue gun) but as the kids insisted on 'helping', they had the fun task of uncovering the sparkly treasures once they had cooled and hardened. 

These pixie pebbles are perfect for general pebble landscaping, as stepping stones, a pathway or treasure for a treasure chest! I am going to make some more blue ones for water for a shell pond and for the base of a wishing well.

perth fairy garden supplies

I will varnish them next and see how they fare in a sheltered spot in the garden.

* I purchased some glitter pots from Spotlight which worked well, however I also found a sampler pack from Masters Home Improvement for $5.39, which came with a small amount of 12 different glitter colours. Each colour had enough glitter to make 4 - 5 pebbles, and the leftover glitter I mixed together to make rainbow glitter!

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  • Julie on

    Totally cool

  • Sharon on

    These are just delightful!

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